What is SourceMag?

Welcome to SourceMag – an initiative by SourceGain!

Here from India, we’re always thinking about what today’s opportunities and issues mean for business leaders across the globe.
Our amazing product team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced professionals (with decades of experience!) who pride themselves in keeping up with industry trends.
This section is then, a one-stop-shop which compiles all the latest news and reports together in one central location for YOU. SourceGain publishes extensive procurement research, the purpose of which is to facilitate and assist the advancement of strategic sourcing & procurement best practices.  It is essential to encourage procurement education in order to promote best practices and sustainable solutions.
We call it our “SourceMag” of Procurement news; from the most comprehensive & verified sources across the world, on the subjects that influence & interests YOU the most.
Get your new-age insights into the Procurement industry at SourceMag, with:
  • Compelling articles that provide insight and progressive approaches to the procurement agenda
  • Information that educates, challenges, entertains and engages the reader
  • Real world case studies based on company experience
Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at xxxxx@sourcegain.com, if you think we may have missed some important news relevant to you, or if you want us to cover a particular topic or if you really, really just like us tremendously!~

About SourceGain

Our teams of Software Mavens, Implementation Advisors and Support Managers all have deep enterprise industry knowledge and look forward to providing you with a made-to-order solution to meet your company’s needs. You will be guided each step of the way with our top-rated customer care and an absolutely tailored solution.
Take a tour of our Core Features, Essential Packages and optional Modules to get an introduction to the tailored VMS/spend management/OneSource solutions we provide. (on our website you can also request for a Demo!)
SourceGain IS the solution you’ve been looking for, whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use purchasing and procurement system or a comprehensive package designed to simplify purchasing, expense management, and reporting for an end-to-end spend procurement management solution.
Visit our website to know more about what SourceGain can do for Your procurement needs @ https://www.sourcegain.com
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